…postcards of perspective…

Postcards of Perspective

A good story manifests itself in different ways – a book, a song, or a photograph – draws the audience in, and invites them to stay. Great storytelling, however, makes them want to be written in it.  To Fr. John Cordero, photography is a visual narration of life and a story of faith.

Postcards of Perspective

He says that belonging to a congregation of young people drawn to visual arts allows him to explore creative ways to share the person and message of Jesus. Photography has always been a part of his life, with most of his siblings in advertising and one even having a makeshift black-and-white laboratory at home. During his senior year at the Don Bosco Makati, he found a liking for taking candid photos for his class and school events. He muses that, since then, what started as a mere documentation has turned into a fulfilling form of personal creative expression. More than just seeing subjects differently, it takes feeling, smelling, hearing and tasting cultures of unfamiliar places and faces. Everyday scenes at the plaza, a stolen smile from a local vendor, silhouettes of towers and simple lines are enough to ignite wonder.

Postcards of Perspective

Fr. John opened an exhibition of his works recently in Makati City entitled “Postcards of Perspective”. Several of his photographic images were on display and offered in limited quantities for sale to the invited guests on the exhibit’s opening night. The event was well attended with several prominent guests in attendance. All of the proceeds of the exhibit are earmarked for a very worthy cause – they are to go towards the construction of the Marian Missionaries of the Holy Cross Missionary Center in Marikina City.

Postcards of Perspective

Postcards of Perspectives will run until February 23 at The ArtPrints Alley, 3rd Level, LRI Design Plaza, Nicanor Garcia Street, Bel Air II Makati City.

Postcards of Perspective

NOTE: Parts of this article written by Kiten Capili

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