…point of fire…

Asked recently to post more images of Punta Fuego, I did some further research and found there was very little information about the area other than the advertisements for the resorts located in the area. We were able to spend a few days as a guest of one of the residents who travels during some weekends commuting to and from metro Manila in about 20 minutes by helicopter (what a life!) With all due respect for his privacy, this is the only image of his property being shown here…
Historical accounts show Punta Fuego as the site of battle between the Spanish Galleon San Diego and the Dutch battleship Mauritius, which was said to carry a crew of pirates. The galleon San Diego was built as the trading ship San Antonio before hastily being converted into a warship. On December 14, 1600, the fully laden San Diego was engaged by the Dutch warship Mauritius under the command of Admiral Olivier van Noort a short distance away from Fortune Island, Nasugbu, Philippines. Since San Diego couldn’t handle the extra weight of her cannons, which led to a permanent tilt and put the cannon portholes below sea level, she was sunk without firing a single shot in response.

Decades later it became the Pedrosa’s and the Roxas family estates. There were no roads, no electricity, and no modern amenities; only white beaches and beautiful seas. Roxas Hacienda, in 1997, was developed into Peninsula de Punta Fuego, by Landco Pacific Corporation and Roxaco Land Corporation, while the Pedrosa Family estate, in 2001, was developed into another enclave named the Terrazas de Punta Fuego, by PeACE, Landco, and Roxaco. 

Their goal was to build a premiere seaside residential community that would preserve the best of nature while introducing the modern amenities of a world-class resort.

At present, Punta Fuego is the home of the most exclusive club in the country, blessed with two marinas, a golf course, and 12 beach coves, and is one of only three land masses jutting out of the coastline of Nasugbu into the West Philippine Sea.

Located atop a cliff overlooking Sunset Cove, the country club sits as the center of dining, entertainment, sports and social life of the club. Its centerpiece is a two-level infinity pool overlooking the West Philippine Sea and its magnificent sunsets. It is also home to a spa, tennis and squash courts, mini-theater, various function rooms, and coffee shop.
The Upper Beach Club offers awesome sights and sounds of the sea, with an infinity-edge wading pool tucked away in a nearby cliff top promising scenic views and hours of quiet enjoyment for those who discover it.
The Lower Beach Club is the center of swimming, snorkeling and family beach activities. It offers a lagoon pool, gardens, outdoor dining, showers and aqua sports facilities that blend into the sea and the nearby Long Beach, one of Peninsula’s favored beach destinations.
Set at the center of the peninsula is a par 29, Nelson-Haworth-designed nine-hole golf course that is almost completely surrounded by the waters of the West Philippine Sea…
After conquering the ninth hole, golf aficionados may freshen up and unwind at the Golf Club, which also serves light meals and snacks…of course…
While we didn’t chance to wander that far, there is the Marina, the center of boating and other marine recreation on the peninsula. The Marina serves as the primary gateway to the sea, housing a pier, slipway, floating berths as well as re-fueling and minor maintenance facilities. Overlooking the scene is the yacht clubhouse where the Sailor’s Bar is located.
For the residents of this community to keep a connection with the locals, a small church is located at the Club, interacting with the faithful who live on and off the premises. They are very active, as long as there is no conflict with the edicts of the church…
Punta Fuego – point of fire –
Until next time!
NOTE: some references made sourced through WikiPhilipinas

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