Where Everything is Green…

Everything is Green

Waking up one morning and looking out of the window, I couldn’t help but think how monotonous the landscape was in seeing green just about everyplace we look… While there are a few colors scattered here and there, the Philippines is basically a green landscape. That should come as no surprise, and I am not complaining (back in the U.S. the color is mostly white with all the snow and ice falling all over the place). But it was time to add some more color to our surroundings, so we took a road trip along the Emilio Aguinaldo Highway and headed up through Dasmarinas City, Bucal, Sabutan and Silang towards Tagaytay in the Cavite Province.

Roadside Garden


We made a day trip out of it, making several stops along the road and getting a bite to eat before finally settling on Redem’s Garden.

Redem's Garden

Hidden in a small gardeners’ shack deep among the flowers, Redem came out only after we had stopped our car on the side of the road and began backing up.


Looking a bit bundled up (it’s considerably cooler in Tagaytay), she happily showed us her various specimens of floral after she realized we were more serious than just some roadside shoppers that were merely “just looking”. After a few minutes, her daughter appeared and joined her in helping us with the “decision process”…


Because by then it was near the end of the day, Redem and her daughter were joined by a few neighboring gardeners as all made the attempt to make a sale..  We loaded the car after about 45 minutes of price negotiations. With a trunk load of colorful fauna and herbs and making new friends in the process, we happily headed home..

If you’re ever up on the Tagaytay-Nasugbu Highway near the Tagaytay Radar Facility, look up Redem and her Garden.

Everything is Green: Redem

Now we will truly have the most colorful garden on the block…

Until next time!

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  1. It’s fascinating how you portray the beauty of the Philippines in your blog from your perspective—more as a celebration of life as much its people and culture. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and your photographs, Stephen. 🙂


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