Hobie International Boat Race

Until a week ago, we never heard of a “Hobie”….

We’ve come to find out that a Hobie Cat is a small sailing catamaran manufactured by the Hobie Cat Company, whose line of products ranges from surfboards to catamaran sailboats to kayaks and stand-up paddle boards, though the Hobie Cat Company is most famous around the world for its catamarans. The company founder, Hobart Alter, began as a surfboard manufacturer in the late 1950s; the first Hobie Cat was built in 1965. Today there are racing classes all around the world for a variety of Hobie Sailboats. Some are competitive and some are recreational.

1st Annual Tanauan Sailing Festival incorporating the 2014 Philippine Hobie National Championship: Feb 22-23 2014

Recently, the Taal Lake Yacht Club, along with the Philippine Sailing Association, the Philippine Windsurfing Association, the Philippine Inter Island Sailing Foundation (PHINSAF) and the City of Tanauan, organized a weekend sailing festival that included music, food, and racing by Hobies, Homebuilts and Windsurfers in Taal Lake fronting the infamous Taal Volcano in the city of Tanauan and its barangays: Mahabang Buhangin, Boot, Wawa, Gonzales, Banadero, and Ambulong.

The Philippine Hobie National Championships is a gathering of professional, amateur, and beginner sailors from all over Asia and the Pacific. Several of the local sailors  are members of the Taal Lake Yacht Club, whose fleet of about 30 privately-owned and club-owned Hobie cats is based in Talisay, Batangas.   They call themselves the “Sunday sailors” who come from different backgrounds and all share a passion for sailing and organize small races every second Sunday of the month. They encourage people, young and old, experienced and inexperienced, members and non-members, to learn and sail with them. The main objective of the Philippine Hobie Challenge Foundation (PHCF) in organizing the regatta is to raise funds for their community outreach projects and various sailing events, all of which are geared towards promoting the sport of sailing and gaining recognition for the Philippines as a sailing haven.

The Hobie Challenge 14 also has an outreach program which is in full blast mode, sending follow-up relief goods to hard hit outlying areas slammed by Yolanda (Typhoon Haiyan). Aside from members donating their own goods, which are mostly educational materials, they have tied up with REEF, SolarEnergie Stiftung, and the San Antonio Parish to deliver goods to these areas. We were also told the Philippine Home Boatbuilders (Homebuilts) Yacht Club is also involved in helping survivors of Typhoon Haiyan whose livelihood depended on having a boat and catching food from the sea by constructing new boats to replace those lost in the destruction.
Kudos to the various clubs and its members for their participation in helping in the relief efforts…
More images of this event can be found by clicking on the link here: 1st Tanauan Sailing Festival and Hobie Nationals
Until next time!

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