all of it

… I don’t post these kinds of images often, it’s not a very pretty sight…

But that doesn’t erase the fact that these conditions do exist, and the chances of me wandering into scenes like this one are about 50/50 during my walks with camera in hand.

All of It

And, if I decide to chance upon a closer inspection, I usually find a child within these ruins that is doing his/her best to make the most of what looks to be a bad situation. It is one that he may or may not realize that he’s in; one created not by his own doing, but by those who decided to bring him into this world…

All of It 2

This I discovered while walking through the filipino-muslim community only a few steps away from the Minor Basilica of the Black Nazarene (Quiapo Church).

In showing the realities of life through my images, it is important to show all of it; the not-so-pretty parts included…

Until next time..

2 thoughts on “all of it

  1. Wow. I’ve been to this place before to do an interview and picture-taking for a story. I consulted the barangay officials first but discouraged me to continue because they say that the people living here are not accommodating to outsiders. They are so paranoid thinking that people taking pictures and interviewing are government workers preparing for a demolition. The officials even told me stories about riot and exchanges of gunfire there. Be safe next time, though! Thanks for your beautiful pictures! 🙂


    1. There were two of us walking through the streets during this photowalk. We were careful not to antagonize anybody that we were about to shoot. In one case there was a group of men with long beards that looked really regal in their pose as they sat outside a storefront, and they politely said no when we politely asked – just once – if we could capture them in a shot. Trying to sneak one in from a distance wouldn’t have worked, as this called for a tight, close up shot. So we smiled and moved on down the street, understanding that everybody does not want to have their pictures taken… Thanks for liking the post and keep shooting! 🙂

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