..winter wonderland..

For my friends in the U.S.A., reminiscing the season with a few scenes from my old neighborhood..

A few commuters wait expectantly at a train station in Yonkers, New York, during a blizzard in 2005, hoping a train will arrive before thickening snow halts all rail movement.
The view through my window: looking at the Yonkers pier along the Hudson River during the blizzard of 2006
Christmas (2008) light hanging from Amphitheatre at Yonkers Pier just north of New York City: seems appropriate that the decoration was an icicle above the ice-covered Hudson River..
A lone Stew Leonard supermarket worker gathers up stray shopping carts through parking lot in midst of a 2009 snow storm.
Ice covered wire and wood fence marking boundary of a frozen Maryland field during the winter of 2009.
Snowflakes falling on slow-moving pedestrians and traffic alike on midtown city street (west 42nd street near Bryant Park). Nothing glamorous or fun about this..
Playing in the snow during the snowpocalypse of 2010. Looks like fun, but only for the kiddies on a cold day, and not for long..

This sign speaks for itself…

Winter: been there, done that.

Until next time!