12 thoughts on “Sunday morning

        1. Baguio is a city in the northern mountain provinces on Luzon, about halfway from where I am in Metro Manila to the top of the island. The temperatures are much cooler there; it is the only place in the Philippines with pine trees. When the U.S. embassy decided to build a second residence for the ambassador and other dignitaries to escape the heat of the capital city, they decided on an area called Camp John Hay in Baguio. Before they could take up residence there however, WWII broke out and the Japanese used the residence as headquarters for their Imperial Army while they ran amok in the Philippines. The commanding general was captured in the final days of the war hiding in the mountains, and signed a second letter of surrender in the very residence he had used.

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        2. Oh great. Yes, the ideal human environment, where all fruits and vegetables are abundant, water to swim, inner temperatures mimic outer- perfectomondo, paradisio!


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